Signature Dishes | Fernandez Grillhouse

Unique to Fernandez Grillhouse, you will not find these anywhere else!

Special T-Bone Steak +1 Side

Our 16oz bone in Steak is marinated overnight in a homemade spicy marinade, topped with Gazebo sauce & served with salad


Sizzling Lamb Chops +1 Side

5 tender & Fiery chops, served on a sizzling plate with grilled onions & a mint yoghurt dip 


Grilled Cajun Salmon +1 Side

Fresh skin on fillet, served with Sweet Chilli or Tartar sauce 


Lamb Donner Wrap +1 Side

Premium homemade Donner Kebab, in a warm flour tortilla, with salad, Mint Yoghurt & Chilli sauce 


Chicken Sizzler

Shredded Marinated spicy Chicken Breast pieces, served on a bed of spicy rice, chips and onions. Covered in melted cheese and green chilli