Grilled Chicken

Marinated in our secret South African Herbs and Spices, our British farmed succulent chicken is flame grilled to juicy perfection. All you have to do is pick your flavour from the Spicemeter.

What's your flavour?

As plain as plain can be without being too plain


A hint of herbs with a Peri Peri twist


Sweet & sticky original BBQ sauce


A tomato based sauce with a nice little kick


Warms your mouth without causing a fire


A heatwave of flavours bursting in your mouth


Only for the bravest of the brave… or a dragon!!!

Grilled ChickenON IT'S OWN+1 SIDE
1/4 Chicken£3.99£5.75
1/2 Chicken£6.49£8.25
Whole Chicken£11.99£13.75
TenderloinsON IT'S OWN+1 SIDE
Our fresh strips of chicken breast are marinated overnight, then twice coated to give the chicken a crisp and succulent taste
5 Tenderloins£5.99£7.75
10 Tenderloins£8.99£10.75
Try our spicy Buffalo Sauce, served with a Blue Cheese dip - £1.50 extra
Boneless ButterflyON IT'S OWN+1 SIDE
Chicken Breast FilletON IT'S OWN+1 SIDE
Burger or Pitta£5.75£7.50
Make it a double - only £3 extra
Chicken Wings+1 SIDE
5 Wings£6.75
10 Wings£10.50
Chicken Platter£24.99
- 1 Whole Chicken- 5 Wings
- 2 Sides- 2 Sidekicks
- 5 Tenders